Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Triumph of the Iron Heel

The electoral defeat of Chairwomyn and General Secretary of the Womyn's Worker's Party of America, Hillary Clinton, was a crippling blow to the workers and oppressed peoples of the entire world.  It was nothing less than a death sentence passed against disabled children everywhere!   Oh noes!  Whatever are we going to do now?

It's not like Comrade Hillary "Red Storm" Clinton was actually in favor of restoring Glass Steagall, a New Deal era law that barred commercial banks from investment banking and insurance activities, that her dear faithful husband repealed in 1999.  Too big not to fail, and not big enough to not stiff the tax payer with the bill.  But hey, that finance sector campaign money has to come from somewhere, right?

It's not like Sister Hillary "Power to the People" Clinton DIDN'T refer to underclass black youth as "superpredators" when shilling for her husaband's draconian anti-crime bill back in 1996.   But then the dear leader then went on to describe lower class white males who supported Bernie Sanders as knuckle dragging "basement dwellers" in late September, 2016.  So at least the working class heroine isn't racist; she disdains all lower class dudes regardless of color equally.  You go girl!

It's not like the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Womyn's Worker's Party, Madam Hillary Clinton did not likewise support her husband's welfare reform initiatives in the mid 1990s, doubling the levels of extreme poverty in the US.

Ever the defender of the rights of the people against the iron heel of corporate oppression, the fearless leader of the Womyn Worker's Liberation Army, Hillary Clinton, also voted for the Patriot Act and proudly displayed her opposition to white male imperialism when she voted in favor of the Invasion of Iraq in 2003.  Her proud legacy of anti-imperialism while Secretary of State under Comrade Obama lives on: in Libya, in Syria, to say nothing of State Department arms deals to such People's Democracies and champions of women's liberation as Saudi Arabia and other nations that donated to the Clinton Foundation.  So now you know, my comrade and fellow Clintonista revolutionary, that when we denounce religion as the opiate of the people, and condemn its barbaric practices at home and abroad, we make a revolutionary exception for the religion based out of Saudi Arabia.  To do otherwise would be RACISS and MUHSOGYNY!

And all of the arms industry's support for the General Secretary of the Politburo of the Woman's Worker's Party, brave Comrade Hillary Clinton?  For the defense of the Queer Womyn of Color's  motherland, of course!

"All power to the workers!" didn't appear to be Chairwomyn Hillary Clinton's approach to Walmart's labor relations strategy when she sat on its Board of Directors in the 1986 to 1992 time span, when said Board fought hard to crush union activities at the retail giant.  She did, however, urge the Board to adopt better environmental policies and better treatment of women.  How suppressing their right to bargain collectively furthers this goal, your guess is as good as mine.  To question the dear leader is MUHSOGYNY and HOMERPHOBIA!

It's not like the Dear Leader of the proletariat the world over was so incorruptible when it came to trade liberalization with Columbia in the face of violent union suppression and human rights violations in that country.  After millions of dollars were pledged by Canadian oil giant Pacific Rubiales to the Clinton Foundation -- supplemented by millions more from the company’s founder, Frank Giustra himself -- Secretary Clinton abruptly changed her position on the controversial U.S.-Colombia trade pact. Having opposed the deal as a bad one for labor rights back when she was a presidential candidate in 2008, she now promoted it, calling it “strongly in the interests of both Colombia and the United States.”  Ever the one to reward her comrade's loyal service, Comrade Clinton rewarded Giustra with a seat on the Board of the Clinton Foundation.

The philanthropy of this revolutionary hero of womyn and oppressed peoples the world over does not end there, and would not have ended had it not been for her reactionary defeat at the hands of privileged, basement dwelling neckbeard muhsogynists, raciss and homerphobic Trump supporters.  We must demand safe spaces for those of us who've been triggered by this bloody crackdown of the Iron Heel of white male privilege forthwith!

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  1. Came to this via the Sh@#lord Hub. It is funny I describe myself as an alt-right libertarian. Yet I agree with the content and tone of what you have written. I post quite a bit on blog called the burning platform

    I don't run it but I think your voice would be welcome there.




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