Sunday, 20 November 2016

The Alt-Left in the Media

It's been a busy week since Trump toot the election, and there's been a raft of articles and videos about why the democrats lost.  A lot of it has to do with weak and corrupt liberal and social democratic politicians, masking their sell out to neo-liberal corporatism behind a mask of snobbish cultural liberalism, have sold out the working class.  This must be the alt-left's primary narrative right now.  And it hasn't just been me who's noticed it.  The excesses of cultural "leftism", regressive leftism and the SJWs along with the shutting out of economic leftism in the Democratic Party and other center-left parties world wide has led first to Brexit, then to this.  By the looks of things, France is next.  Maybe it's not such a bad thing.  Neoliberalism and cultural leftism needs to die.

So here's a run down of many of the headlines I've been seeing that all point to the need for a serious rethink on the center left of the direction it's been headed, from all across the political spectrum.

In Politico, Brent Griffiths notes that "Bernie Sanders Slams Identity Politics as Democrats Figure out Their Future."

George will, writing in the Washington Post, observes that Higher Education is Awash in Hysteria that Might have Helped Elect Trump.

David Marcus, writing in the Federalist, warns that This Election Marks the End of America's Racial Detente.  With Jeff Sessions and Steve Bannon heading for Trump's cabinet, that would appear to be so.

Author Sam Harris with a nuanced take on "America's Most Powerful Clown."

Ryan Copper, writing in The Week, laments the Year 2009: The Year the Democratic Party Died, due to mishandling an economic crisis.

Mark Lilla, writing in the New York Times, declares the End of Identity Liberalism.

The Amazing Atheist on YouTube explains how to "Make Liberalism Great Again."

Eli Zaretsky, writing in VersoBooks, describes Trump and the Decline of American Liberalism.

Johnathin Pie rants about Why Trump Won.

Sargon of Akkad on YouTube on "The State of the Media After Trump."

Eddie Slovak: "Sorry liberals, but I'm Leaving you on the Left: An Acknowledgement of Vacuousness."

Sean Trende, writing in Real Clear Politics, describes the socially moderate, fiscally cautious and culturally cosmopolitan "New Democrats" as the God that Failed.

The Jimmy Dore Show on "Donald Trump Defeats Hillary Clinton."

In the New York Times, Johnathan Martin writes about Pulling Democrats Back to 'It's the Economy, Stupid!"

Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk on "The Issue that Won Trump the Election."

Writing in the Washington Monthly, David Atkins implores the Democratic Establishment to "Stop Blaming the Voters."

In the Washington Post, John B. Judis opines on Why Identity Politics Couldn't Clinch a Clinton Win.

Steve Keen, writing in Forbes, points out Trump's Truthful Heresy on Globalization and Free Trade.

In the New Republic, Sarah Jones writes that Hillary Clinton's Celebrity Feminism was a Failure.

Frank Bruni, opining in the New York Times, states quite bluntly, "The Democrats Screwed Up."

In the Boston Globe, John Mcwhorter writes that "The idea that America Doesn't Talk About Racism is Absurd."

Brendan O'Neil, editor at Spiked, warns: "Everyone Needs to Stop Talking About 'White People,"

In The Guardian, George Monbiot writes, "Neoliberalism: the Deep Story that lies Beneath Donald Trump's Triumph."

In the World Socialist Website, Eric London debunks "The Myth of the Reactionary White Working Class."

Jedidiah Purdy, writing in the Jacobin, describes "How Trump Won."

In the Guardian, Thomas Frank tells us that "Donald Trump is Moving into the White House, and Liberals put him There."

Robert Reich, once Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton, writes in Alernet, "Why the White Working Class Abandoned the Democratic Party."

Freddie DeBoer tells us "Why They're Going to Keep Losing."

In the Guardian, Naomi Klein tells us that "It was the Democrat's Embrace of Neo Liberalism that Won it for Trump."

This list is by no means conclusive.  Any other articles and videos I've missed?  Let me know in the comments.

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