Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Is it time to reboot Feminism?

This turned up in a closed Facebook group I belong to:
"SILENCED: A Spanish documentary about male victims of domestic violence that feminists want to censor. Its producer and director is the musician Nacho González, who launched this project in a crowdfunding platform in order to be able to film it. Unfortunately, some weeks ago, he has received the notification that his movie's crowdfunding has been suspended due to the massive criticism coming from feminist collectives."
Which naturally compelled me to share it on my own page.  And do follow the link posted above, even if you don't speak or read Spanish.  Feminist collectives will not suppress knowledge of male victims of domestic abuse.  Google searching it is not exactly hard.  Nor will they suppress knowledge of their attempts to suppress knowledge of domestic abuse.

They're digging their own grave at this point.

Public tolerance and acceptance of feminism's lack of willingness to abide by any kind of consistent moral or ethical principle beyond its own ego-centrism is nothing short of preternatural.  But it is not eternal.  They wouldn't be the first benevolent movement in history to burn out its otherwise considerable credibility trying to suppress knowledge of its less than benevolent side.  The empty pews in many Catholic churches and the present as opposed to past subscription rates for Pravda tell cautionary tales that a feminism long succumbed to the arrogance of power will almost certainly not hear.

There is far and away more historical precedent for collective moral failures of this nature than we'd generally like to admit.  The bigger they are, the harder they fall, after all.

As it is, feminism is too invested in this "male privilege/female marginalization" dichotomy now to allow for the theoretical possibility of domestic abuse - that most cruel hallmark of male dominance - to afflict men at the hands of women.  Or occur in homosexual relationships, possibly to greater degrees than it does in heterosexual relationships.  But never mind the victims, we have a narrative to preserve here!.

It’s easy for any school of thought to turn into an echo chamber of ideological purists and “true Scotsmen.” Feminism is no exception to this pattern of behavior. But at what point does a devout dedication to political dogma simply become a form of cannibalism?  Given that the mainstream of even intersectional feminist thought (which is the mainstream of feminist thought, whatever they may have you believe) is attacked for being white or induces guilt in its heterosexual sisters should answer that clearly.  The lack of self awareness evident in the manner in which organized feminism presents itself is nothing short of breathtaking.  To be outdone only by mainstream media's willingness to give it a completely free pass.  Or maybe they're in on the joke on some level, and are laughing along with the rest of us.

Ridicule of the excesses of intersectional feminism has become an online cottage industry.  Anti-SJW social media outlets have been keeping many a keyboard warrior occupied at least as far back as GamerGate now, and it's quite surprising in retrospect that it took that much time to pass from the days when Peggy Nash first unpacked the knapsack of white male privilege back in 1988 until the inevitable backlash began its push from margins to center.  It says a great deal about the state of the postmodern western world that video game geeks circa 2014 ended up doing what should have been done in academia back in the 1970s.  Namely, calling bullshit on the whole notion of universal male privilege and female marginalization.

But what has been done cannot now be undone.  Feminists can scramble to ban anti-SJW pages on social media all they want.  But first they should consider talking to Angela Merkel - a figure they should idolize given that she's Germany's first female Chancellor - about how easy it really isn't to suppress sensitive information (about a migrant rape crisis, for example) in the information age and the political consequences of trying and failing to do so.

In any event, feminism as a credible force for moral politics is living on borrowed time now.  The fact that many self identified feminist women are attracted to and have sex with men, conform to western beauty standards and even get married testifies to the likelihood that it is now about signalling and telegraphing one's liberal virtues in social media spaces that require such behaviors, rather than a way of life or a political platform.  For the most privileged and well positioned people in the world to lecture anyone about the evils of their privilege is a joke that can only be played straight due to the sheer magnitude of its absurdity.  In short, it's become the left's equivalent to what Christianity is on the right.

It seems to me as though feminism is in need of a reboot.

And if you think that I don't have to right to say that due to the fact that I am a white cishet male, you've proven exactly why feminism does need a reboot.  Think of that as a needed counterpart to Lewis's Law.  Which itself is further proof of feminism's need of a reboot.

What would an "alt-feminism" look like?  Lord knows, it's needed.  And it's likely that present day feminism, for all its absurdity, will not disappear any time soon unless a better model is put forward.  I do not have the answer now, except that the question is long overdue in the asking.

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