Thursday, 13 April 2017

Conservatives are Destroying our Future

University of Minnesota Twin City campuses are putting up posters on bulletin boards calling on all white male shitlords to stop and check their privilege.  The leftist Minnesota based Citypages rather snarkily observes that one liberal student isn't happy about it.  "I have been a liberal all my life," claims Evan Christenson, but claims to "get scared" seeing the bulletin board.  He then took his concerns to the right leaning Minnesota Republic.  "When you have taxpayer money going to a public university, I think every side should be represented," Christenson told the Republic.

Okay, fair enough.

It turns out that the group behind the spread of these boards is a group called CADOF, an acronym for Conservatives are Destroying our Future.

Perhaps they are.  But which conservatives?

The conservatives that would slash funding to universities such as U of M Twin City, or the conservatives making sure the students at said university see privilege in terms of seeing minorities widely represented in television and newspapers or not seeing arriving late for a meeting as a reflection of one's race?

The conservatives that own the banks and credit card companies that make exorbitant profits off the interest charged to low income people who rely on credit to top off their meager wages, or the conservatives who would define privilege as not being seen as fiscally irresponsible when doing so due to race?

The conservatives who are outsourcing jobs and rolling back worker's rights and telling the white male working class to blame blacks and immigrants for being unemployed, or the conservatives telling blacks and immigrants to blame their problems on white privilege?

Don't get me wrong: there's nothing wrong with fair representation across racial lines in media, or in the public eye more generally.  By the content of their character rather than the color of their skin, after all.

However, some of these points are frankly laughable.  I can go into a music shop and count on finding the music of my race represented?  You'd be surprised at how easy it is to find the music of Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin or Public Enemy in any music shop.  The trick is actually finding a music shop these days.  Good luck with that.

I can be sure that my children will be given curricular materials that testify to the existence of their race?  Hello?  Critical race theory, anyone?  Black studies, anyone?  Let's be perfectly honest here: is this a "privilege" that white people should want anyway?  Would we really want the kind of pseudo science that the likes of Jared Taylor or Richard Spencer try to pass off as white identity politics taught in the universities?

Well, expect that to start the day that white youth start questioning where the money for all of this is going to come from?  Or start questioning why, if they're so privileged, why can't they find a job with a living wage and health benefits?  And start coming up with answers that blame Wall Street instead of immigrants or the cozy relationship between finance lobbyists and congress instead of affirmative action.   Once enough white dudes start asking those kinds of questions, expect old Nazi textbooks on racial eugenics to start popping up in classrooms again.  After all, isn't that why they did the first time?

Kind of like how when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. started talking about economic injustice and organizing a poor people's march on Washington, it was then that a bullet found its way into him and critical race theory found its way into our colleges.  Who should you blame for your poverty, Mr. black man?  Why, the white man who doesn't get stopped by the cops, of course.  Just don't pay attention to what the banks and the arms contractors are really up to.

We'll give you a job writing columns for "liberal" newsblogs so long as you attack the underrepresentation of minorities in media and not the systemic lying and covering up of corporate and state abuses of power that the same media engages in.  Just make sure your "radicalism" is advertiser friendly and doesn't scare away sponsors.

The formula is a simple one.  Blame the white trash in the trailer parks for the problems that black people face.  It's really that easy.  After all, part of how we kept poor whites in the trailer parks was to get them to blame the problems they face on black people rather than us.  So it's only fair, really.

We'd do this for white guys too, but we haven't actually had to since the late 1970s, when we were able to use racial resentment to turn blue collar workers against the unions and social democratic politics and get them to support Reaganite and Thatcherite governments.  Farther back than that in the case of the US south.  But you minorities?  You've been so stubbornly left wing for most of the 20th century!  Damn it!  We really did think we were just going to have to go full iron heel with you.

But thankfully, it looks like groups like Black Lives Matter are finally starting to get with the program, and protest against such affronts as police involvement in Pride Parades and "environmental racism."   It actually looked like they were serious about challenging corporate and state power for a while there.  Good thing the tactics we were able to use to get Occupy Wall Street to start worrying more about the progressive stack or "indigenizing" their spaces than about actual finance sector reform are proving to be effective with BLM as well.  Clownish SJW antics make stories go viral, and advertisers like that.  Advertisers don't like having their actual business practises reported on.

As far as any half ways smart conservative should be concerned, universities like U of M Twin City are falling into line just nicely.  Are conservatives destroying our future?  Sure.  What matters, though, is that we all blame somebody with different colored skin for it.

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