Friday, 27 January 2017

The Left is Going to Lose so Much They May Even Get Tired of Losing

So tell me if you've heard this one before:

A former host on a business oriented reality T.V show is running for the leadership of the center-right political party of a 1st world country.  His campaign is being dogged by media allegations charging him with a "lack of empathy," suggesting that he is a "narcissist" and accusations of "denigrating women" stemming from comments made in the media about a former female colleague.   

Don't worry, America.  You're not going through all that crap again.  Your reality TV show host is now your supreme executive.

I'm referring, of course, to your neighbors north of the border.  The border you're not building a wall on.  But by the looks of things, we just might.

Kevin O'Leary is a former host of the reality TV show "Dragon's Den" - wherein aspiring entrepreneurs appeal to the "dragons" - five venture capitalists of which O'Leary was one and the former colleague spoken of above, Arlene Dickenson, was another - for venture capital to get their dreams and aspirations up and running.  O'Leary has since announced his candidacy for leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada, which under former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, was reduced from 159 to 99 seats in the October 19, 2015 general election.  This loss cost the "Tories" as we call them up here their first majority government since 1988, propelling Liberal leader Justin Trudeau - son of former Prime Minster Pierre Trudeau - into the prime minister's office.  Since then, Trudeau has been known for his politically correct, soft-left brand of neo-liberal leadership, causing Canada to buck the global trend towards more hard nosed, nationalistic populist leadership.

Until now.

Dickenson's allegations appear in a January 26 2017 article in Press Progress, among other places.

Apparently, we didn't get enough of this during Trump's presidential bid Stateside.  While a few left leaning publications have since mulled over the merits, or lack thereof, of doubling down on political correctness and identity politics, most are staying the course.  And by the looks of things, the Canadian press has not learned from the mistakes of their American counterparts.  They're going to harp on all the bad words O'Leary says about women, about gays, about natives, about immigrants, and O'Leary will use the spotlight this gives him to attack deeply unpopular cap-and-trade carbon taxes.  

Then they'll wonder why O'Leary wins a 170 to 190 seat majority come 2019 or whenever the next federal election is.  The NDP, who managed to lose half their seats in the last election, will lose more.  The Liberal Party, emboldened by the Democrats playing the race and gender card again and again during Hillary's campaign, and subsequently losing to Trump, will adopt the same strategy vis-a-vis O'Leary.  As for the NDP, they'll adopt the flaky L.E.A.P Manifesto and double down on the cap-and-trade, because the NDP never gets tired of losing.  Just to be on the safe side, they'll pander to Black Lives Matter Toronto when they crash the NDP convention like they did Bernie Sanders and Pride Toronto, because the left always caves in.  They always capitulate.  They always lose.

The left lost Brexit.  They lost the US to Trump.  They're in the early stages of losing Canada to O'Leary and they're well down the path to losing France to Le Pen.  If they really put their minds to it, they could well lose Australia to Pauline Hanson and maybe even lose Germany to Frauke Petry.  If it looks like they might not lose, they'll accept half of ISIS as "refugees" and smugly and sarcastically ridicule as racist anyone who protests over it.  Because they're not losing enough.  Once any of them stop losing, even for a moment, they'll turn on each other for being transphobic, transmisogynist, misogynoir and for being privileged.  They just can't not lose.

A left leaning media establishment, stuffed to the gills with professional academics obsessed with cultural politics, are going to make damn good and sure their parties lose.  The left always loses.  They lose at everything.  They lose everywhere.

They lose on immigration.  Electorates get fed up with mass immigration and refugees who get away with raping their daughters, as in Sweden, Germany and Great Britain.  But that's not enough losing for the left.  They need to then attack these electorates for being racist.  Europe's daughters are not losing enough.  As for the rape, they'll blame it on patriarchy and rape culture, and encourage these same daughters to hate and reject their sons, because Europe's sons are not losing enough either.  To shore up the declining birth rates, they'll bring in still more Muslim immigrants.  They lose at everything. 

They lose on the economy.  Progressives oppose outsourcing and free trade - until they're in office.  Then it's time for the workers - whom progressives always claim to represent, lose.  They lose their jobs to foreign sweat labor and to the immigrants they bring in to work for lower wages.  Worker's wages remain stagnant, and the social democratic parties lose.  They then condemn the working class they claim to represent for "voting against their interests" and deride them as racists.  The European and North American left wonder why they can't stop losing.  They're going to lose BIGLY!

But then, a Bernie Sanders or someone like him appears.  Who actually hears the working classes when they say, "that's enough losing!  We're bored with losing!  We're tired of free trade and political correctness.  We want to win for a change."  The working class never wins. 

But no!  A Clinton or a Trudeau or a Corbyn will say, "No!  That's not enough losing!  You are not losing enough!  We are not losing enough!  You are all a racist, misogynist, homophobic, xenophobic and Islamophobic basket of deplorables!  You deserve to lose more!  You basement dwelling Bernie Bro's have not yet lost enough!  You need to lose your union wages.  You need to lose your jobs.  You need to lose your religion and your traditions and your identities!  You need to lose the love and respect of your women.  We won't even let you keep your video games.  You're going to lose those too, along with your favorite comic book and film franchises.  They're all racist, they're all sexist, they're all homophobic and we always need to point it out to everyone all the time.  Because we need to keep losing.

The left in the first world are going to lose so much, they may even get tired of losing ...

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